QDT-139 | Pop Up Display

Quadro S Pop Ups , 10' x 10' Displays, Lead Time — 5 Days


+/- Modifications
Removal Prices 
$82Fabric End Panel (ea.) [PU-230/232]
$82Full-Height Fabric Panel -- Curved or Straight (ea.)
$81200W Halogen Light (ea) [PU-708]
$81Case-to-Counter Fabric Wrap [PU-913]
$188LED 50W Perf Light with PU-706 Receiver [PU-703]
$356LED Wall Washer Light (black or silver) [PU-705]
$81150W Halogen Light (ea.) [EO-708]
$794Case-to-Counter Graphic Wrap
$217Case-to-Counter Fabric Wrap Kit [PU-913]
$794Graphic Front and End Panels (ea.)
$630Oval Quadro Case [PU-919]
$448Rectangle Quadro Case [PU-842]
$29Panel Hanger & Kicker Strips (set) [PU-200/204]

Removal Prices are Based on Kit-based Prices

See Accessories Tab for Additional Accessories (waterfall brackets, hooks, plex graphics, shelves, shadowboxes, etc.)

QD-139 Trade Show Pop Up Display QD-139 Trade Show Display QD-139 Trade Show Display The Quadro S Frame -- the strongest, most durable pop up frame in the world. Ask about lightweight, easy-to-use, and inexpensive Quadro S monitor mount options.  Most Quadro S Pop Up frames can hold from 1-4 monitor mounts. Portable Roto-molded Case with Wheels (28" W x 19" D x 38" H)